7 shades of blue

with the framework for all the ego healing to come constructed, the mind begins justification. you did this for that, and that, and this for more reasons than one. soothing the validity, of the true nature of who I desire to become. someone of quality and worthiness, someone to be trusted and someone to be counted on. a shade to keep my mind cool when color had thrown me off, when I needed to associate a positive experience and when I needed to add a kool layer of security. the day is super hot and humid, a cool and soft blue could cool the world, as a corresponding cool blue dress could make you a superstar on a specific hot night. kool to the touch, your like the night’s gift as it gets delivered by the evening breeze. time ticks by as it becomes slower and slower and slower, as times come to a stop and minutes begin to feel like hours, as the seconds begin to feel like minutes. a perfectly taken photograph delivers to the star, a kool smile that expresses its own blue, mix that photo with a kool evening and get another shade to work with. time travel into the future in either direction, the past or the future, put your transportation on the road, roll the windows down and take a long drive and you’ll once again get another feeling, or rather a whole nother shade of cool and refreshing blues or blue rather. a shade! a glorious shade that speaks volume rather than a shade detected by the human eye, and a shade that not only moves the soul, but moves the core of the soul. situations and times could be explained to put a better shade into contrast, but the shade may range through multiple frequencies, multiple times. the glass of ice water made a very distinct sound as I sipped the glass on this hot afternoon day, as did the sounds of the icebergs, as they collide in the north sea. the police lights the night up behind you blue, as the sky will surely be tomorrow morning, a glistening shade of blue that speaks to the heart so loud, and much louder to the soul. as the sun sets, one side of the sky will be one shade and the other side, another. same thing with the morning to come. looking up into my panoramic perception, the following morning the sky will reveal itself once more. beauty! life! creation! all new creations begin tomorrow, and the next day, and the next after that. surely our life will be guided and shaped by a whole host of colors but none more revealing at that specific moment, that shade of blue that defines the moment, that moment, that special moment in times that allows you to take full notice, saying, look at me as I hypnotize your mind and body with my beautiful shade of vitality. love come forth, revealing your saving glory and enlightenment, love come forth for me to reveal to myself, love, saving forgiving blue, save the day.


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Brandon Lamont Cooper

I’m a single loving father, a loving friend, a creator of love and light. A teacher, a pupil and a holder of love, light and truth.