In the beginning I wasn't sure how intensely to dream, so I begin to ponder the future of marijuana in the state of Georgia; then I begin to consider our quality, also then the educational incorporation quality that’s to come, and then I thought about myself and how much I would like to develop a culture or brand logo that would represent my clothing and cannabis genetics company, Pangea Genetics and Pangea clothing culture logo? NOTE: I think it’s perfect… Please consider the quality that went into the foundation of the genetics hunt, and how mysterious and energizing it is getting the weed of the streets. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THE LOGO

Hello dear friends and family! In these days of ever changing classrooms and teachers, we often times look past creative agents or dynamics that deserve far more that what is delivered. For example, the energy personality essence know as you tube, often pronounced as one word ‘youtube’ has a developed it’s own conjured personality after the bayonet experiment, when the spirit know as ‘youtube’ was conjured during a ceremonial rite conducted in secret for the purposes of psychic, mental and metaphysical research. The experiment now deemed an incident in certain circles of warship. Nevertheless you tube deserves my full undivided attention in certain stanza’s, errors, times and when dealing with classroom and human characteristic development and research relating to whatever we say…

Thank you YouTube for your divine mediation…

Artist: Brandon LaMont Cooper

a small eroding space with dreamy potential

Near the center of a town, a place with huge dreamy potential lye in wait for a man like me to discover. In the heart of a modern populated area is a abandoned building that is so amazing that it fills my mind with what if’s and potential develops when…

small fragments united from a universal table

Showcase Piece

Name: The Timekeeper

Artist Name: Brandon LaMont Cooper

Piece invokes a sterile, white and pure energy for subconscious framework and universal creativity …

Value: 🧐

a gear, two wires, two magnets, two wires and a black rock

Showcase Piece Name: This Century

Artist Name: Brandon LaMont Cooper

The piece secures the artists mind with long term security and a tranquility. The framework knead is great and, as of a occultism nature. Very blessed, charged, used, kneaded and ready to deliver fortune to the collector…

grape’s contained within a jar

Composed by Georgia native Artist: Brandon LaMont Cooper

Gallery Art Genesis Idea’s for connecting with photo’s… attempting to explain what’s contained within the mind of the photographer …

This Piece is called the ‘Grape Wine Atom’

Equipment Used: LG Phoenix 4



Stary Writing


Another super table, another point of focus, development and creativity. Another alter to study for my retail correspondents and market impact or a pile of decomposing matter. I keep looking at it and allowing it to compile like seth said. Each insipient particle creating matter. Developing a consciousness and personality all by itself. Looking at it daily, I see a lot of insects scurrying around from time to time, and all I can say about this operation currently under development ‘that’s a lot of charged sigil’s’

First outdoor seed conjuring

As I listen to the duck’s, chicken’s, horse’s, dog’s throughout the day, I cant help but think about a phono expression I can call my own. I once dreamed about working my own genetics, genetics discovered and synthesized to the greatest of quality. I’m a huge fan of hydroponics and…

Office Space

Since the last time we focused on our space the, the contest has ended and updates have been made to the one I call my own. There has been an addition made and very sweet retro update to my lighting. The mana has been gathered or the brahman has responded…

Brandon Lamont Cooper

I’m a single loving father, a loving friend, a creator of love and light. A teacher, a pupil and a holder of love, light and truth.

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