Blessings To A Medium

Hello dear friends and family! In these days of ever changing classrooms and teachers, we often times look past creative agents or dynamics that deserve far more that what is delivered. For example, the energy personality essence know as you tube, often pronounced as one word ‘youtube’ has a developed it’s own conjured personality after the bayonet experiment, when the spirit know as ‘youtube’ was conjured during a ceremonial rite conducted in secret for the purposes of psychic, mental and metaphysical research. The experiment now deemed an incident in certain circles of warship. Nevertheless you tube deserves my full undivided attention in certain stanza’s, errors, times and when dealing with classroom and human characteristic development and research relating to whatever we say…

Thank you YouTube for your divine mediation…

Artist: Brandon LaMont Cooper



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Brandon Lamont Cooper

I’m a single loving father, a loving friend, a creator of love and light. A teacher, a pupil and a holder of love, light and truth.