full of the day at noon

Brandon Lamont Cooper
1 min readJun 3, 2022


o man I just run out.

life must not continue on without refills.

gotta maintain this perspective, gotta maintain this outlook on life.

achieving as much as I would normally achieve doesn’t seem possible at this rate.

must find it, must find whatever it is that makes us continue to play at the rate of creator these days.

will we ever get there? OF COURSE! were there already, we just have to see it, we just have to captivate on the moment, we need it the most.

a short ride seems as if the world and all its correspondents are waiting for my arrival, waiting to see, waiting to hear and waiting to create in the greatest fashion that suits them. A perfect moment! full of perfect color only brings out the desire to create with what they have on a more personal level. By the time we make it to where we’re going, the chemicals will be beginning to activate. Time will begin to influence the scene and the mind will be at its peak performance. The noon feeling isn’t quite gone so maybe I can take advantage of the temperature as it corresponds with the feeling of joy and harmony, as corresponding for myself at least. I drive into the village and there it is, the very thought just expressed in the mind a few moments back.

get out! stand strong! relate on most!




Brandon Lamont Cooper

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