Hometown Heavenly Dream

a small eroding space with dreamy potential

Near the center of a town, a place with huge dreamy potential lye in wait for a man like me to discover. In the heart of a modern populated area is a abandoned building that is so amazing that it fills my mind with what if’s and potential develops when I look at it. A few hundred square feet, overgrown with trees and shrubs, and with a ceiling that has fallen in; lie’s in the very heart of the type of space I wish to own someday. A culturally diverse area that carries with it, healing potential, a frequency from a divine source and a area or space to facilitate a fragment of a specific type of mind I wish to posses and develop. Maybe it’s stepping out my front door and being greeted by pedestrians or passing traffic, or maybe I enjoy the thrill of who I’m gonna meet today and how we can walk right across town for a coffee. In these areas It’s as if I become one with the city center, as if my mind and body is one with the creator and the markets just out the door. I could run away just down the street to a place know body knows I own: so close but so far away, I could get lost forever in my own exotic spaces just right across the street, or right across town, in a secret and sacred space that's just right for me. Maybe I could invite my exotic friend over and share a sip of whisky, or chill with her and read a book as we get high and cuddle up. I will remain in my own mind, wondering what if? and will it ever be possible? to have a special place restored all to myself, a special secret place for myself and secret special friends.

Photographer: Brandon LaMont Cooper

Site location: Soperton, Georgia

a small eroding space with huge potential



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Brandon Lamont Cooper

I’m a single loving father, a loving friend, a creator of love and light. A teacher, a pupil and a holder of love, light and truth.