my love who is upset

upset and tired of my behaviour is probably the emotion. maybe the overwhelming desire to achieve more, so theoretically more pressure would be applied to self. the world then bringing forth the energy to facilitate the emotional growth. a cause and effect of my thoughts or a plan fulfilling itself? who is this love? where did she come from? being a part of timing leads me to believe that destiny may be involved. If not, something coming from a source of divinity much greater than our own. Is she bored with her life, or is my view of her world wrong, or at least the image I see of myself in our reflection. of course the patient contentment on her face suggests she’s waiting for my response in life. a wonderful girlfriend who can’t love me enough, patiently waiting for me to respond to her, of course content, strong and secure nevertheless. or maybe it’s a daughter and father emotion. the daughter in the reflection is saying somthing like, the car air condictioner is broken and the traffic was horable, but at least I made it home safe. and then she goes into complaining in confidence to a caring and loving father he she rests her whole life on. nevermind what one thinks about themselves, and nevermind what the world comes to think of those who ponder themselves in response to actual reality. we will live and create, often times never getting lucky enough to create with the ones who inspire us the most, often times on life changing levels. examples would be the passenger on the bus, the student we went to school with who moved away and the one that got away. we live in the memmories of what if, self inspiring, hopeful and knowing that one day everything will be fullfilled, dreamy and prosperous.


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Brandon Lamont Cooper

I’m a single loving father, a loving friend, a creator of love and light. A teacher, a pupil and a holder of love, light and truth.