Office Space

Since the last time we focused on our space the, the contest has ended and updates have been made to the one I call my own. There has been an addition made and very sweet retro update to my lighting. The mana has been gathered or the brahman has responded to the conjuring or focus brought fourth. The space very well lived in, is currently providing the service it’s best for. Remembering I must never take for granted the space I am blessed to be working with. The new light is a very smooth retro upgrade and the post to the right of the platform provides extra support to my weight as I rest my elbows after a day’s attention on writing. Symbols of the sky, symbols of the constellations and the planets. Giving my space the wisdom to teach me every time I take a seat. Thank you Area for providing what I need to find precious contentment throughout my stay in the area.

I’m a single loving father, a loving friend, a creator of love and light. A teacher, a pupil and a holder of love, light and truth.