the future for remote operators

as we move forward in time, on the phone, and we adapt, and become more aware, we begin to listen to our current contacts harder and more intensely than ever before, while paying less and less attention to the old voices in our life, we focus even harder. but often times the new voices in our life are not of people that we already know, but of remote operators. usually, support of some kind, and also of overwatch and human resources particularly. every now and again you find yourself on the phone with tech support or customer service, and something is said. not just anything, but something of a more spiritual nature for one of the parties on the call. the words that are said may invoke something from within, with that being said the headset, mic or earphone becomes archaic power. somebody says something, something that makes alot of sense, sense into a great knead, or misunderstanding to the past, or current situations or problems. to the hearer or the listener, and if there is some manipulation involved within the mind of the people listening, they may believe the operator is the medium messenger between worlds, between them and their contacts, and is now something divine or supernatural. words that are spoken may be apart of directions to resolve an issue, and or a simple confirmation at one moment, and then in an instant, the conversation turns into something totally different the next. the operator hears something that corresponds to what they’re thinking about, or have been thinking about recently or in the past, and then all of a sudden the headset becomes the medium of god, and then all remaining attention and focus really become heightened to the operator. the mind of the reader becomes this tuned-in being that is taking orders and listening to a medium of god instead of actually doing something, like following instructions, or dealing with customer service, and by this time the listener loses their thought path and has begun to channel the operator. but let’s not get lost here or even caught off guard and diverted down a different path, because let us remember why I have you on the phone in the first place.



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Brandon Lamont Cooper

I’m a single loving father, a loving friend, a creator of love and light. A teacher, a pupil and a holder of love, light and truth.