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Brandon Lamont Cooper
1 min readJun 4, 2022

however the viewers took it, it took the resume and applications on my innermind, to a whole new innermind way of thinking. dressed as peaceful and frameless, only with the model wearer of the cloths could begin his brand with, saying neutral as possible. Being really still while the traffic passed gave him the edge over the time for a moment. What are the watchers rateings on his idea, perhaps, or the electronics I held in my hands, or the electronics being worn on my head? Lets just say it could have been a cast outward, as I often times, cast inward on electronics. Deploying outward to the people who would see me in creation. Simple as a photographic moment while taking a walk. Expanding the desired effect or the hidden inner image. Either way it was viewed by the people, the idea of the image was more magical than I had imagined. I needed to be on my A-Game, for the day brought so much joy and a new hope for new things to come. A good night’s sleep may have played a role!

back to the work desk if you for the waters who knew.

I was high, and I need to work remotely.

work desk: small barstool, wooden, and convenient

office: moms livingroom.

equipment: dell Inspiron 14 5000 2-in-1

equipment: HP Google NoteBook

equipment: cyber acoustics headset

equipment: YaimhSound, it integrates more USB ports



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